Sports World Blasts Kim Mulkey For Not Showing Support To Former Player Brittney Griner

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LSU head basketball coach Kim Mulkey is catching some flak for avoiding a question about former player Brittney Griner in a recent press conference.

Griner continues to be locked up for drug charges in Russia. The WNBA player plead guilty to carrying 0.7 grams worth of cannabis oil in vape cartridges into the country.

She faces a 10-year sentence, which has led to negotiations from the US government about a possible trade for the athlete. As the country continues to barter, many prominent figures have come to the forefront in support of basketballer.

But apparently, there’s one person that doesn’t want to talk on the situation.

Former Baylor head coach Kim Mulkey won a championship with Griner on the roster. She buoyed that success in Waco into a $23.6M contract on the Bayou with the LSU Tigers.

While she no longer coaches the professional star, the prior relationship led one reporter to ask about Griner’s arrest overseas. Her (non)response is now catching heat on social media.

Kim Mulkey avoids questions about Brittney Griner

When asked about her former player, the head coach declined to answer. Take a listen to Mulkey’s response to hearing the Griner questioning.

The reporters said, “I don’t think I’ve seen anything from you on the [Griner arrest].” She responded, “And you won’t,” which is now causing quite the stir online.

One poster wrote, “This is the person that she is. Won’t even voice public support to a former player. A player that put her program back on top (and stay elite) after a couple of good but not great seasons. I would hope that the women thinking about playing for her would say no after seeing this.”

Another posted, “Kim Mulkey continues to be one of the easiest people to root against in all of sports. Can’t stand up for someone who helped her win a national championship, who also happens to be stuck in an awful situation. Just gross.”

This person commented, “Coaching is far beyond the X’s and O’s – imagine sending a child to play for someone like this. Won her championships and helped her land these contracts. Won’t even comment with prayers and well wishes for Griner. Straight cold,” in response to seeing the clip.

It’s not necessarily a surprise to see this reaction. The two had a falling out after their days at Baylor after Griner said Mulkey urged her to hide her sexual orientation while playing with the Bears.

Mulkey and Griner went 40-0 in that national championship winning season. That memory now appears to be far in Mulkey’s past.