BroBible Readers Will Surpass $50K In Winnings On DraftKings Today, Be A Part Of It


If you’ve been paying attention over the past year-plus, I’ve been delivering can’t-miss advice on how to grow your bank account with DraftKings. And I’m happy to report that some of you — the good ones — have actually been heeding my sage wisdom and playing daily fantasy sports.

As with last week, I’ll be playing in the $100,000 Play Action Contest and, hopefully, performing a little better. With a $10,000 top prize, you should be signing up this very instant. First-time depositors will be given free entry.

The reason we’ve racked up so much prize money, beside the fact money is awesome, is that these contests are fun. When you’re near the top of the leaderboard, your pulse quickens.

Simply put: it’s a thrill many who play regular fantasy games miss out on.

So let’s do this. Let’s get over $50K. Get drafting, y’all.