Did The Ref At WrestleMania Hand Roman Reigns An Object To Bust Brock Lesnar Open? This GIF Sure Looks Like It

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Brock Lesnar Bleeding


UPDATED: Here’s an official statement from the WWE:

“WWE programming is TV-PG and we don’t permit intentional bleeding. The communication or contact between our performers and referees is part of our safety protocol.   That said, unintentional blood sometimes occurs, and we do our best to minimize.”


Brock Lesnar did something in the ring WrestleMania this past weekend that no other WWE wrestler has done in at least five, possibly ten, years. Nope, not suplex city bitch, though that was awesome.

Brock bled. He bled a lot.

The WWE has been against the act of blading since they adopted a more kinder, gentler, family-friendly approach to sports entertainment during Linda McMahon’s senate bids. Back in the day, a wrestling bleeding in the ring was commonplace. Plus there are the health concerns. No one wants to get bled on at work, unless your an EMT or a middle linebacker.

SeScoops posted this handy of GIF of what appears to be the referee in the Brock Lesnar versus Roman Reigns match at WrestleMania.

Now, it could be one of two things — the ref is either squeezing the hand of Reigns to make sure he’s actually ok and not really dead (because on a couple of stiff Lesnar shots it looked like Reigns was a walking corpse) or he’s handing him something to slice Brock open for an effective crimson mask. A bloody and battered Brock was the only thing that could have really put over his inability to get to Rollins before he pinned Reigns for the championship steal.

I’m not calling for blood to fall during every WWE match but here’s an instance where it made the most sense.

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[via SeScoops]

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