Brock Osweiler Throws A Little Shade At Tom Brady So That Probably Won’t End Well For Him

Brock Osweiler turned his relatively decent performance for the Denver Broncos into a mega-million dollar deal with the Houston Texas.

As such he is now being coached by Bill O’Brien and offensive coordinator George Godsey. Both coaches, you might recall, were involved in many of Tom Brady’s successes, but Osweiler doesn’t really want to hear about all that.

In an interview with the Houston Chronicle Osweiler not only doesn’t want to be like Brady, he even throws a little shade at the four-time Super Bowl winner…

“They refer to Tom Brady a lot. With all due respect to Coach O’Brien and Coach Godsey, I’ve told them I’m going to be me. I’m not here to be a puppet, if you will. I’m going to be who I am and believe in what I bring to the table every day.”

Wait, did he just call Tom Brady a puppet? Because whether he meant to or not, it kind of sounds like he did and you can bet the Patriots will take it that way regardless.

Brock goes on to share that while working behind another all time great, Peyton Manning, he did learn a lot, however…

“Probably the biggest thing I learned from Peyton was how to approach this job as a pro every day. By watching Peyton every day for four years, he showed me how to do the job the right way. This job is your life. It consumes you.”

It might be worth noting that the Texans face the Patriots in Foxborough on September 22nd. That would be week three, meaning coincidentally Tom Brady won’t be on the field.

Something tells me that guys like Julian Edelman and Rob Gronkowski are going to be trying extra hard to see that Jimmy Garoppolo has a very good game that night.

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