Broncos D-Back Bradley Roby Has A Drool-Worthy Cheat Day, But His Nail Game Is Gnarly AF

Denver Broncos defensive back Bradley Roby let ThePostGame follow him on his Cheat Day, which included visits to Roscoe’s House Of Chicken & Waffles and Salt & Straw ice cream shop, and I WAS hungry as a fug mug after a rub-n-tug. Then, my appetite was almost ruined when Roby points to the item he wants to order on the menu. Ewwwwwwwwww…

Ooooo, dem nails, tho. Ay-chihuahua.

Dude’s got Yeezys and “ice” that he has to “let breathe”, but he can’t pony up for a mani-pedi before the big shoot? I mean, I would understand letting the nails slip if you were gonna go full Redman on Cribs — where you’re trying to be a low-budge baller in an effort to get laughs — but then you can’t rock chains and fly kicks. That’s just confusing. Although, that move does have an ODB pickin’ up welfare in a limo vibe to it.

How disappointed was Roby about the Birthday Cake Remix ice cream (which is phenomenal btw)? How do you fudge that up? That’s basically all of us after hours of talking something up only to be hoodwinked and bamboozled by subpar imitations. Sale & Straw taking an uppercut under the chin on that one.

Roby’s chip game is on point. I picture him getting home and breaking out the big multi-compartment chip-n-dip bowl and savoring that seven ways ’til Sunday in just socks and sandals.

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