The Brooks Koepka-Bryson DeChambeau Beef Simmers Again After Instagram Comment

Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau

Getty Image / David Becker

The Brooks Koepka-Bryson DeChambeau beef had the potential to be one of the best rivalries in sports. Alas, the beef was one-sided because Bryson is about as exciting as watching the actual grass on a golf course grow.

Also, Brooks Koepka recently announced that beef was squashed. On the eve of the first LIV Golf event of the season, Brooks went on IG and said “Believe it or not, we squashed it. We’re good. I actually talk to him quite frequently because of what’s going on here at LIV. Pretty much on an every-other-day basis. So we’ve got a good open line of communication. We’ve figured it all out and we’re good.”

If things are so good, then why did Brooks Koepka leave this comment about Bryson DeChambeau on Instagram?

The GolfBusters account on Instagram announced to the world their family is growing. The caption reads “ANOTHA ONE. First kid is named Brooks, if the second one is a boy should we name him Bryson?”

Brooks Koepka slid into the comment section to shut down any plans to name a kid after Bryson DeChambeua:

Brooks Koepka Instagram comment


Someone hopped in the comment to joke they should “rename Brooks to Scottie based on the Full Swing episode.” Is it even legal to re-name a kid? Do people do that? Just thinking out loud here…

Another person on IG commented “name him Tiger Woods.” I fully support this idea. First name ‘Tiger’, middle name ‘Woods’. Do it.

A screenshot of the Instagram post (as seen on Golf Digest) and Brooks Koepka’s comment was posted to Reddit’s r/golf. There the person behind the Instagram account revealed their son isn’t actually named after Brooks Koepka.

They wrote “Haha Brooks was actually not named after Koepka but I’m kind of thinking about it if we do have another boy on the way. LIV, Love, Laugh might have to be the family slogan.”

I’d encourage anyone out there to think hard before naming a kid after a celebrity. But that’s ultimately a decision that only belongs to the family so you do you.