Which PGA Tour Player Couldn’t Carry His Own Bag For 18 Holes? Brooks Koepka Weighs In

brooks koepka pga tour player struggle to carry own bag

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Players having to carry their own bags is just one of many rumored social distancing rules the PGA Tour may implement when it returns to action in June. While it would certainly be a change of pace, Brooks Koepka is interested in the possibility of seeing guys on Tour have to lug their own bag around for 18 holes, let alone 72 holes.

The No. 3 player in the world joined The Dan Patrick Show on Tuesday and was asked about the possibility of having to carry his own bag during a tournament. For a guy built like Koepka, either throwing the bag over his shoulder or using a pushcart likely wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but he thinks it could be a challenge for some players on Tour.

“It’d be interesting,” Koepka said. “It would actually be a lot of fun just to watch some of these guys attempt to carry their own bag. I don’t think some of them have ever picked up their bag in their life.”

Patrick, knowing that Koepka is the type of guy to keep it very real with the media, pressed him to actually name a player that may struggle to carry their own bag, and Koepka pointed to Bubba Watson. He began his statement by saying Watson is “a good dude deep down,” but then took a jab at him.

“I actually don’t think Bubba would [make it]. Bubba would be complaining how heavy the bag is the entire time,” Koepka said. “I love the guy, but there’s no way he makes it around 18 [holes] with that bag.”

Watson isn’t a bad shout when it comes to guys that may not necessarily enjoy carrying their own bag.

I think Patrick Reed would probably be on a lot of people’s list of guys too, but I actually think ‘Captain America’ may not mind it all that much; he’d likely keep his head down and just go to work.

While Watson would be among my Top 3 of players that wouldn’t enjoy carrying their own sticks, I think Tyrrell Hatton would be a guy that may completely refuse to play if the rule is actually put into place. That’s not shot at Hatton’s game, I love watching the guy play, but him complaining about something like that just fits the script too perfectly.