Brothel Offering Sex With 24 Women Plus Tickets to Mayweather-Pacquiao For The Low Price Of Just $100K

Looking to score tickets to the big Floyd Mayweather – Manny Pacquiao fight with a side order of sex with 24 different women? Hey, who isn’t? Well, you’re in luck because Sheri’s Ranch, a brothel in Nevada, has got the ultimate fight package just for you. And all it’ll cost you is a cool $100 grand.

If do you happen to be one of those high-rollers with $100,000 just lying around here’s what you get at the 2011 Brothel of the Year, according to TMZ

— 2 tickets to the fight.
— Round trip airfare to Vegas (from the continental U.S. only).
— Car service from the airport to Sheri’s then from Sheri’s to the fight.
— A weekends lodging at Sheri’s resort.

And here’s comes the cherry on top…

— The opportunity to “visit” ALL 24 LADIES that work on the premises of the brothel.

That also means the chance to visit all six role-play VIP sex bungalows at Sheri’s and enjoy the only legal NURU massage experience in America.

Not a bad deal when you consider that only halfway decent tickets will already cost you up to $17,000 apiece, huh? Though you’ll have to have the stamina of Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao combined to make it through all 24 ladies. I’m game though if anyone wants to sponsor me.

Prostitute image by Shutterstock