Browns Get Mocked For Sending Season Ticket Holders Ugly Painter’s Hats As Gift

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The Cleveland Browns spent $230 million in the offseason signing Deshan Watson but apparently, they don’t have enough money to send their season ticket holders decent gifts.

After missing the playoffs with an 8-9 record LAST SEASON, the Browns decided to raise their season ticket prices earlier this year.


According to a release, tickets for Browns season tickets cost as low as $55 per game, which marks a $5 increase from last season. Meanwhile, more than 40 percent of the team’s non-club and non-premium seats are available for $90 per game or less, including approximately 95 percent of the upper bowl.

The Browns also say that 50 percent of the stadium’s non-club and non-premium locations will increase by no more than $10 per game, including 35 percent that will only be increasing by $5 per game. The team estimates that 80 percent of the upper bowl seating will change by only $5 per game.

To show appreciation for their die-hard fans, the Browns sent out some awful-looking painter’s hats as gifts.

NFL fans dunked on the Browns over their awful gifts to season ticket holders.

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