The Internet Reacts To Browns’ Mychal Kendricks Being Charged With Insider Trading By Feds After He Made $1.2 Million In Illicit Scheme




Browns linebacker Mychal Kendricks is currently in some deep trouble with the law.

Early this morning, the Philadelphia US Attorney General brought charges against Kendricks and another man for insider trading.

Apparently Kendricks made $1.2 million in the scheme.

Via NBC Philadelphia.

Kendricks made nearly $1.2 million by trading ahead of four acquisition announcements, according to officials. He is currently a linebacker for the Cleveland Browns.

Damilare Sonoiki, a former partner at a global investment bank, is also being charged with insider trading for receiving kickbacks from Kendricks, including Eagles tickets and other perks, officials said.

Sonoiki set up a bank account that Kendricks could access, according to investigators. Soon after they began their trading and used coded language in a text to disguise the initial $80,000 transfer into the account.

Kendricks paid Sonoiki in cash during in-person meetings, including one at Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station.

Kendricks released a statement shortly after the indictment and admitted guilt while vowing to pay back all the money he stole.

The Browns also released a statement following Kendricks indictment.

The Kendrick news comes the night after the Browns linebacker caused a firestorm for criticizing his former Eagles teammates during last night’s episode of Hard Knocks.

Of course the Internet had some hilarious reactions to the bizarre Kendricks’ news.