Redskins GM Bruce Allen Cowers To Angry Reporter Who Demanded Apology For Patriots Fans Taking Over FedEx Field

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Jonathan Newton / The Washington Post via Getty Images

FedEx Field is becoming a safe haven for opposing team’s fanbases who have rooted interest in watching their team pummel the home team into another meaningless loss for a meaningless franchise.

But Sunday’s showing was particularly surreal and indicative of the current state of the winless Washington Redskins.

Keep in mind, Boston is 450 miles from D.C.

Patriots fans outnumbered Skins fans to the extent that Bill Belichick showed actual human emotion over it.

After the game, Belichick spoke on the pro-Pats crowd that showed up to watch their team capture a 33-7 victory:

“It was amazing…. Surprising and overwhelming. It was great seeing that. We appreciate the support from all our traveling Patriot fans. Or maybe they’re from here. I don’t know. It was great to see them. That’s awesome.”

Tom Brady added:

“That was ridiculous. I thought it was pretty amazing. That felt like a home game. Probably from the time that we got to the hotel . . . till we ran in after the game, that was pretty sweet. We appreciate all the support down here. It’s good to come down here and get a win in front of them.”

The other sideline had a slightly different feeling about another team pirating the stadium of one of the NFL’s most potent markets.

A fed-up reported asked Redskins perpetually-incompetent GM and team President Bruce Allen to apologize for creating an organization pathetic enough for a takeover to happen.

Allen said:

“Well, I appreciate, Tom, I appreciate the fact that the Patriots have a great fanbase. They’ve had tremendous success. Bill Belichick’s probably the best coach in NFL history, so I’m sure many of our fans put their tickets on the second market and made some money on it, selling it to people from the Northeast. All we can do is try to improve our product. These games we weren’t close in. We’ve lost five games, and we didn’t lose ’em in the last second. We lost these games decisively, and we have to change that. And our fans deserve that, and this market deserves that. We’re in the nation’s capital, and it deserves better than that. And we have to get it done.”

If Allen really wanted to do right by the Skins fans, he’s listen to their cries.

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