UFC Fighter Bryce Mitchell Calls Himself ‘Lucky’ After Scrotum Injury Involving A Power Drill

Back in August, UFC fighter Bryce Mitchell suffered perhaps the most gruesome injury in the history of, well, ever, involving a power drill and his nutsack. Now, looking back at what occurred, he says he’s…lucky?

Mitchell, who made his way into the UFC by defeating Tyler Diamond as a part of Team Cormier on The Ultimate Fighter 27, suffered the injury when he accidentally ripped his “nutsack in half” with a power drill while doing some work around the house.

Now, looking back, he is able to laugh about it, but from the story he told to MMAFighting.com, it sounds horrific.

“Basically what happened is I was pre-drilling some wood, trying to put some bolts through it, and I had one of those drill bits that eats through wood on it,” Mitchell explained. “It’s titanium-plated, eats right through wood. Well, I stuffed that in my pants because I was holding the board and I moved and it pulled the trigger, wrapped up my nuts around that drill bit and just ripped ‘em to f*ckin’ shreds, man. Just ripped ‘em to shreds. But luckily, my testicles did not get ripped off. That was a big thing. My testicles actually wrapped up there for a minute, when it first happened I thought I lost a testicle — it would have damn near killed me, as far as I was away from the hospital, as long as the treatment took, the amount of blood that I lost. I probably would have died if the testicle would have got ripped off.

“I get to sit back and rap about it now, but man, I really f*cked up. I really, really f*cked up, and you shouldn’t put a f*ckin’ drill in your pants, it’s just not smart.”

No, it’s not smart. He’s right about that.

When it happened, Mitchell said his “stomach just dropped like it’s never dropped before” because he thought “my dick had been ripped off and my balls was gone.”

“I thought, ‘Well, shit I’m dead. I’m gonna sit here and bleed out.’ I looked down and everything was still good, so I got lucky,” he says now.

Oh, did we mention that he had to drive himself to the hospital because he couldn’t get someone else to take him? Yeah

Mitchell is now completely recovered and back in the gym with his next fight probably taking place in January or February.

As for what precautions he will be taking in the future when operating a power drill? He got himself a tool belt.

“Oh hell yeah. I’ve got a tool belt and a custom little drill holster,” Mitchell shared. “That shit ain’t gonna happen again. I’ll probably hurt myself with something else, I just got a nail gun, I’ve been using a nail gun a bunch. I’ll probably hurt myself with that. As far as the drills go, I understand now to treat that drill like a weapon and keep it in a holster.”


All’s well that ends well… I guess.

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