Bryson DeChambeau Reveals How Tiger Woods Has Ghosted Him After Bryson Split To LIV Golf

Bryson DeChambeau swinging a golf club

Getty Image / Christian Petersen

Bryson DeChambeau was one of the PGA Tour’s biggest names before he jumped ship for the upstart LIV Golf tour.

DeChambeau had earned around $23 million in PGA Tour earnings. And in one season on the LIV Golf Tour, he earned $4,555,750 in 9 events, and that was on top of whatever his signing bonus/contract included.

On the eve of the 2023 Masters at Augusta National Golf Club, a lot of LIV Golf stars have been downplaying any rumored feuds with PGA players. Cam Smith and Patrick Reed seemed to be unconcerned about any feuds.

Bryson DeChambeau is singing a different tune, at least with regard to Tiger Woods. Bryson revealed how Tiger Woods has ghosted him ever since DeChambeau left for the LIV Golf Tour.

Speaking with GolfWeek‘s Adam Schupak, Bryson revealed how Tiger Woods has stopped talking to him and how Bryson believes Tiger is of the opinion that LIV is hurting his record(s).

Bryson spoke about running into some PGA Tour players at Dallas National and how it wasn’t weird. Saying “I’ve talked with Jordan (Spieth) numerous times at Dallas National, anybody that’s out there, Will (Zalatoris) I’ve had a couple of conversations with but no problems.”

He was then asked if it has been weird with any PGA Tour player or if communication had been cut off. Bryson joked “Yeah, definitely, I’m sure you can guess who” while alluding to Tiger Woods.

Referring to Tiger Woods, DeChambeau said “Yeah, I’m not going to throw anyone under the bus. He’s been a great friend. I texted him on his birthday. It is what it is. He has his viewpoints on it and thinks we’re potentially hurting his record. If anything, nobody is ever going to touch his record. That’s just it, that’s the bottom line. There’s a chance to grow the game even more and I hope one day he’ll see the vision that we all have out here.”

When asked if there was anything he missed about the PGA Tour, Bryson said he misses “nothing” but added that he loves the fans and people who came to support him. He then mentioned how the crowds for LIV Golf are growing.

If this was any other former ‘star’ on the PGA Tour I’m not sure I’d believe them when they said there’s nothing they miss, but Bryson DeChambeau was never welcomed by PGA fans with open arms.

There are Bryson fans out there, to be sure. There are definitely golfers who love the way he plays the game. But he was never on the fan level of a Jordan Spieth or Rory McIlroy despite dominating various PGA events. It just seems like Bryson has genuinely found his place with LIV.