Buffalo Bills Fans Continue To Win NFL Tailgating, Put Each Other Through Tables



Buffalo Bills fans continue their torrid run as the best tailgating, most raucous fans in the NFL, bar none. First it was giving out handjobs to randos in Ralph Wilson Stadium during the game. Then it was doing some blow, also in Ralph Wilson Stadium during a game. Some girl definitely got fingered there too, and we cannot forget about this horrendous dizzy bat fail, or these two epic tailgate RKOs either.

And now we have another glorious WWE finishing move to add to the list that saw a very inebriated Bills fan break a table in half courtesy of his equally as intoxicated friend. The fun never stops for the #BillsMafia.

Incredible. I really don’t know how someone hasn’t broken their neck yet and hope to God that doesn’t happen. Ever. Also, I can’t get over the look of utter horror on these girls’ faces as the madness unfolded before their eyes.

Bills Mafia


Totally priceless.



Keep doing you, Bills fans. We fucking love it.

[h/t Bleacher Report]