Buffalo Bills Fans Continue Their Fiery Hot Streak With This Table-Breaking RKO Outta Nowhere

I’ve been a Patriots fan since I exited the womb. I’ve been blessed, no doubt. But I’m having serious, serious urges to switch allegiances to become a member of the Bills Mafia. Four Super Bowls is great and all, but I don’t have a ring. For all I know, Tom Brady wouldn’t piss on me if I were on fire. Belichick definitely wouldn’t. Bills fans are the greatest off-the-field show going. The only football city in America where the fans make the headlines. Football is just a platform the fans use to turn the fuck up.

We’re not even halfway through the season and lets recap some debauchery:

The Patriots are my lifelong partner. I’ll love them until I die. But the Bills are my 2 am fuck buddy who doesn’t ask how my day is because who the fuck cares. Let’s snort some coke and finger some butts.

P.S. Who’s your QB again? Doesn’t matter.

[h/t Deadspin]