The Bills Bizarrely Refuse To Put In Tyrod Taylor After Nathan Peterman Throws 5 Interceptions In First Half

Buffalo Bills coach Sean McDermott must really hate Tyrod Taylor. Earlier this week, McDermott surprisingly benched the former Virginia Tech star in favor of rookie QB Nathan Peterman.

Here’s McDermott’s rationale for starting Peterman.

“As I continually evaluate our roster and our goal to become better, I decided to start Nate Peterman as our quarterback this week,” McDermott said. “I remain confident in Tyrod Taylor and his ability to help our football team moving forward.”

Well, first and foremost this was a decision made by myself,” McDermott said. “The coaches were not involved in this decision. This was a decision that I made. Certainly I spoke with Brandon (Beane) like I do about every decision like we do. Really it’s about becoming a better team. Like every position, the quarterback position is no different. I understand the headline part of it as you guy are typing away this morning. I understand that. Every position is evaluated and that’s the direction I decided to go.”

Unfortunately for McDermott his plan backfired when Peterman threw five interceptions in the first half as the Chargers took a 37-7 lead. McDermott for whatever reason decided to stick with Peterman despite his team getting crushed which led to the Internet to roast the Bills for being so dumb about the entire situation.

Poor Peterman is having one of the worst debuts in NFL history and his coach won’t take him out because he’s trade his former starter. It’s pretty crazy that the Bills are still actively in playoff contention with all this drama going down.

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