Bull Moose Crashes Youth Soccer Game And Sends Kids Scattering In Every Direction

moose invades youth soccer game and causes mayhem

iStockphoto / SBTheGreenMan

Wyoming is literally the Wild West. Case in point, this huge bull moose crashed a youth soccer game and created widespread panic with kids and parents running in every direction.

The incident took place in October in Jackson, Wyoming and it was filmed by local resident Barbara Allen. This was during a soccer game for 6 and 7 years olds who were pulled in every direction by parents as the bull moose stormed the soccer pitch.

Huge Moose Invades Youth Soccer Game In Wyoming, Sends Everyone Scattering

The video from last month has since made its way to the ‘soccer Twitter’ side of the Internet who cannot get enough of this moose on the loose:

Leave it to the Canadians to focus on the moose size and not that it was charging a field full of kids:

We get it, you’ve seen bigger moose before…

He didn’t wait for the whistle:

Other states have built up funny reputations for weird news. Florida has its alligators and ‘Florida Man’ news. Texas is Texas. But Wyoming sneakily flies under the radar on the ‘weird news’ beat despite incidents like this moose crashing a youth soccer game is evidence Wyoming has as much ‘weird news’ as any other state.

I say that because of how pretty much ever panicked person at that youth soccer game reacted to the huge moose on the loose invading the pitch. Nobody was like ‘wow, I’ve never seen this before’ and everyone sprung into action.

This wild incident between two bull elk needs to be seen to be believed:

The world record for the ‘longest shot ever’ recorded was also set in Wyoming in the past few months. You can read all about that here:

An unreal feat!