BYU Football Coach Kalani Sitake’s Viral Dance Moves Are So Bad They’d Make Brian Kelly Jealous

BYU Football Coach Kalani Sitake's Viral Dance Moves Are So Bad They'd Make Brian Kelly Jealous

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  • Kalani Sitake is the head football coach at BYU and is going viral for his ‘dad dance moves’ that are so hilariously awful they’re actually great
  • Coach Sitake joined a dance group full of middle aged dads named ‘The Dance Club’ to show off their moves on TikTok at a dance competition and it’s since gone viral
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The BYU Cougars football team had a strong 2021 season. Head coach Kalani Sitake led the Cougs to a 10-3 record with their only regular season losses coming against Baylor and Boise State (bowl game loss to UAB).

BYU Football‘s biggest headline last season came when it was announced they’d join the Big 12 Conference in the 2023 season and that story overshadowed Kalani Sitake’s dance moves. Kalani (real name Kelaokalani Fifita “Kalani” Sitake) has shown off his ‘dad dance moves’ in the past. A video shared to ‘The Dance Club’ back in 2020 (see the video below) shows Coach Kalani Sitake dancing with his daughter, Sadie.

That was the first time most people took notice of The Dance Club, a group of Utah dads who get together and show off their sick dad dance moves. It appears as if they welcomed Kalani Sitake with open arms because he joined The Dance Club at a dance competition and convention in Phoenix where they performed to “Woo Tang Wit It” by DJ Chipman. That video has gone viral and resurfaced his previous clips.

Kalani Sitake’s Dance Moves Are So Bad They’d Make Brian Kelly Jealous

Video 1:


dance dads 🤝 (pt 2. on hailey’s)

♬ Woo Tang Wit It – radio – DJ Chipman

Video 2:

And here’s that video from 2020 with his daughter

I don’t want anyone out there to think I’m hating on The Dance Club in any way, shape, or form. When I’m saying their dance moves are horrendously bad that’s actually a compliment in my mind because I too am a dad with no rhythm. And if I lived near BYU I very well might seek out The Dance Club to join and get my dance on with these fellow dads.

There’s great personal joy and satisfaction to be gained from embracing your bad dance moves

Thinking back to my middle school and HS dances I never spent much time on the dance floor. I’d much rather kick it with the boys and make up new dance moves the world had never seen before. that was fun then and The Dance Club with BYU Football head coach Kalani Sitake appears to be doing that now with his fellow dads.

So if anyone reading this believes this article came from a place of making fun of these guys, I apologize for not being more upfront at the top of the article because I’m openly jealous that I’m not a part of their dance crew.

Brian Kelly on the other hand… He’s just a try hard who wants to fit in down in Baton Rouge with recruits. The dude’s dance moves are horrendous and he’s not putting off the same vibe as Coach Sitake who is genuinely enjoying himself at a dance competition with fellow dads. Brian Kelly just wants the ‘croots.

Kalani Sitake >>>>> Brian Kelly (on the dance floor)

Here’s the video that Lane Kiffin ruthlessly trolled Brian Kelly for:

BYU’s Coach Kalani Sitake is entering his 7th season with the BYU Cougars. He holds a 48-29 record with the team and is pretty comfortable in his job, definitely after a 10-2 regular season as the Cougs approach entering the Big 12 Conference in the 2023 season. Maybe all that Brian Kelly needs is a few seasons at LSU to unwind and get comfortable in his new life and that comfort will let the dance moves flow more naturally.