According To Investigation, Fired Cal Assistant Hoops Coach Harassed Reporter By Trying To Trade Sex For Access

After Cal Bears assistant men’s basketball coach Yann Hufnagel was fired by the team yesterday for violating the school’s sexual harassment policy, an investigation by the school gives more details of what might have happened between the former coach and a reporter’s claim, and it turns out he tried trading sex for access to the team.

Deadspin obtained a copy of the school’s investigation, which refuted Hufnagel’s tweet yesterday that argued the allegations were nothing more than a “fruitless claim by a reporter.” Here are parts of what that report stated, including screen grabs from text messages, per Deadspin:

On July 6, 2015, someone identified as a “head varsity athletics coach” at Cal forwarded an email to an Associate Athletic Director (AAD). The email, sent by the reporter, accused Hufnagel of subjecting her to “frequent and recurrent sexual harassment.” The AAD contacted the Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination (OPHD), and by the end of August, the investigation was in full swing. It conducted interviews with the complainant and with Hufnagel, as well as a witness, and collected scores of text messages exchanged between Hufnagel and the reporter.

She alleged that Hufnagel had harassed her on a “weekly” or “bi-weekly basis,” and highlights one incident from January 2015. The two arranged to meet, and although she insisted on meeting for coffee, he wanted them to meet at a bar, so they went to a bar on Berkeley’s main drag, Shattuck Avenue. She alleges that he had two beers and told her he wanted her to drive him home. She initially refused, and told him to take a taxi, but he insisted, so she drove his car back to his apartment.

Additionally, here’s the entire investigation, which paints grizzly details of the entire incident between the reporter and the former assistant coach.

Cal Report On Sexual Harassment Allegations by Deadspin

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The Bears are preparing to play Hawaii in the NCAA Tournament this week, so this is a distraction that no team hopes to deal with as they try to win a national championship.

[H/T Deadspin]