It’s Pretty Bro Of Cam Newton To Provide 900 Kids A Hot Thanksgiving Meal

Criticize him all you want for ‘dabbing’ right in the Redskins faces while he threw 5 touchdowns in a 44-16 romp this weekend, but Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is really a good guy. Good enough to see to it that his charity provided meals for some 900 Charlotte youth on Monday night of the Thanksgiving week. The Panthers signal-caller is channeling his philanthropic efforts through an event called “Thanksgiving Jam,” and of course he’ll be their in person to make sure that no mouth goes unfed.



Yup, he’s a thug because his dance antics are outrageous. C’mon, I’m sure if some parents are looking for a good meal, Cam Newton wouldn’t have a problem with that either. Bro move.

[h/t Bleacher Report]