Cam Newton Made A Kid With Cancer’s Dream Come True And Come On…Can We All Finally Stop Hating This Guy?


I’m a big Cam Newton fan. I wasn’t always, I’ll admit that. I hated him when he was at Florida. He was by far and away the cockiest backup quarterback on the face of the planet. Then he started stealing shit and got kicked out and I kind of forgot about him for a few years until he popped back up in Auburn and by the time he got to the NFL I was spending probably half of my free time watching his highlights and antics on YouTube. I really don’t understand all the shade he catches on a regular basis. Sure, he’s cocky, but he backs it all up (Super Bowl withstanding, admittedly). People who sit around and say that if they were good at something they would still be humble about are lying through their teeth. If I was one-eighth as good at anything that Cam is at football the only way anyone would get me to shut up about it would be rip my tongue out of my head.

The other thing I don’t understand about Cam haters is how all they talk about is how much of a piece of shit he is even though he spends like every waking moment hanging out with kids. If the guy was cocky, not good at football and spent all his free time spitting on little kids, I would get it. But he’s pretty much the exact opposite of that. Like this week when he hung out with Noah, a local Carolina boy who’s one of Cam’s biggest fans and also battling cancer.

How can people hate this guy? He’s a superstar athlete that willingly went to glow-in-the-dark bowling so he could hang out with a kid he didn’t know just to make him feel better. I’m no psychologist, but I don’t think I know many people who would willing go to glow-in-the-dark for any reason, let alone to hang out with a some kid they had never met before, cancer or not. Can we all just finally stop hating Cam? I get it, everyone’s jealous of him and there’s all those people who are lowkey racist but don’t want to admit it, but the dude’s a class act. If you want to start hating on an actual asshole, go find someone else. God knows the NFL is full of them.