Cam Newton Saw Some Middle Schoolers Playing At Recess So He Awesomely Hopped The Fence And Joined Them

Whatever you think of Cam Newton there is no doubt that he has a soft spot for kids.

Which is why it should come as little surprise that as he was driving by Community School of Davidson in Davidson, N.C. on Friday and saw a kid wearing his jersey he stopped, hopped the fence and joined them for a little football and fun.

Reports WSOC-TV

Mimi Siadak, a seventh-grade teacher, said Newton asked the teachers for permission and then hopped the fence to toss a football.

“The students just herded all around him. I still can’t believe he did that,” Siadak said.

Newton also posed for a “dabbing” photo with the awestruck students and got the group to heckle one of their teachers wearing a Steelers lanyard.

“I saw one girl crying and hyperventilating and when I asked, ‘Honey what’s wrong?’ she said, ‘That was just the best moment of my life,’” Siadak said.


Whether it’s The Rock doing his usual thing or athletes like Cam Newton making some kids’ days it is NEVER not going to be cool when celebrities do stuff like this.