Cam Newton Wore A ‘Santa Dabbin’ Sweater While Giving Out Presents To Kids Because Of Course He Did

As they said on NFL Network on Sunday night, no one is having more fun this year than one Cameron Jerrell Newton. Myself, I always thought he was a bit overrated as a quarterback until this year. But now, with his production at an all time high and his team winning every damn game in impressive fashion I have to give him his props.

Mix in the fact that Newton gives kids the ball after every TD (and does other cool things with them) and seems to be having the time of his life and he’s made me turn the corner and actually become a fan.

Now toss in this photo and video of Cam Newton handing out presents to mentally disabled kids at at Charlotte’s Metro School while wearing a red ‘Santa Dabbin’ Christmas sweater and how can anyone not like the guy? (Oh, right.)

Although as great as the sweater is, the red fox tail he’s also sporting might be even better. Dude really is having more fun than one man should be allowed to have.