Cam Newton Appears To Throw More Shade At Kelvin Benjamin In New Video

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Last week, Kelvin Benjamin threw sports media some juicy red meat when he threw shade at his former teammate Cam Newton, saying he would have been better off playing with “any other quarterback” and calling into question Newton’s accuracy and knowledge of the game.

The comments prompted Cam to confront Benjamin during the Panthers-Bills preseason game last week by extending him a facetious handshake, which Benjamin refused.

It certainly feels like there is more depth to this beef than the two never being able to match up their individual success to help the team. Benjamin could still be salty that during Cam’s MVP season in 2015, when he threw 35 touchdowns, won his team a franchise-record 15 games, and went to the Super Bowl, Benjamin was placed on injured reserve the entire year with a torn ACL.

Whatever the case may be, the two despise each other. Just yesterday, Cam seemed to subtly suggest that his former teammate is two-faced, using a wall as his muse.

Cam said:

“I need things around me just like this wall. I know you’re probably asking yourself like, ‘Why this wall? It’s just so basic.’ But it never changed on me. It’s the same wall every single day. I like that. I need things, people around me that are like this wall.”

Am I looking into this too much? Was he just talking about a goddamn wall? Do I desperately need football to start so I’m not speculating every move off the field? I guess you could say so.

[h/t For the Win]

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