Watch This Clumsy Cameraman On A Segway Absolutely STEAMROLL Usain Bolt After His World Championship Win

Gotta feel for this poor bastard. He’s worked his whole career to be the best cameraman he can be, and then these segways came along and everyone got dick hard over them and he was thrust onto this thing with no professional training, nevermind an instruction manual.

No doubt before he took to the track to start his shift his producer was like “Bill, just do what you’ve been doing for 20 years. On this motorized skateboard. We’re live in 3..2..”

The fact that this dude only took out the most famous runner in the universe while he was doing his victory lap is a small win. Seeing as how uncomfortable he looked on this thing, it’s a minor miracle he didn’t accidentally scoot onto the track during the meet. Either way, I bet Bill wished these things had an ‘Eject’ button. To the moon.

P.S. Any other athlete in the world would have murdered this dude on the spot. J.R. Smith would have dissected him in front of his loved ones. Absolutely bamboozling a world-class athlete while he’s thanking his fans is grounds for a public flogging. Usain just gave you another life, bro. Be eternally grateful.

[h/t For the Win]

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