Cardale Jones Thought The Draft Day Call From The Bills Was A Mean Prank Played By Buddies

cardale jones


I now know why former Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones had one of the most epic draft day celebrations that any of us have ever seen in our lifetime—it’s because he didn’t believe the phone call was real.

Jones, who was selected by the Buffalo Bills with the 139th overall pick in round four, admitted on a radio show this morning that he actually thought that the phone call telling him the Bills drafted him was a prank.

Per CBS Sports:

“I thought initially it was a prank call,” Jones told WGR Sports Radio 550. “I was getting calls from some weird numbers all day, and I would answer and they would hang up. So I didn’t believe it until really my name went across the TV screen. I was watching it with my family and my name popped up on the screen and I went crazy.”

Just to refresh your memory, going “crazy” for Cardale Jones means ripping off his shirt as if he were a WWE superstar, so that might be a bit of an understatement.

So why did Jones think the call was a prank? He explained, per CBS Sports:

“I guess they were expecting me to see a weird number and think I was getting drafted by that team,” he said. “I don’t know if it was one of my buddies playing a joke, but it wasn’t a great feeling I’ll tell you that.”

Big ups to the kid, who won a national title in college and is being described by the Bills GM as a potential “franchise guy”—which every Buffalo fan prays is anything but a prank.

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