Cardale Jones Spent The ESPYs Hollering At Ronda Rousey And Kendall Jenner On Twitter

by 3 years ago

Cardale Jones continued to operate an entertaining Twitter account during last night’s ESPY Awards. The Ohio State quarterback did what any college-aged kid would do if placed in the room with the glitterati. He tried to do some networking.

And you can’t blame him, considering the state of the job market. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

Jones focused his efforts on Ronda Rousey.


After getting no response, he focused his efforts on an even more high-profile lady in the room.


You have to appreciate the hustle. And Jones’ ability to realize his tweets would be turned into a blog post by a click-hungry blogger like myself.   //

Guy’s striking while the iron’s hot. Hell, he could be back to being the Buckeyes’ third-string quarterback in a month. Sell that stock high.



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