Report: Cardinals Give NFL Teams Permission To Speak With DeAndre Hopkins About A Trade

DeAndre Hopkins

Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals are struggling to find a suitable trade for star receiver DeAndre Hopkins, according to recent reports.

The Cardinals initially asked for a second-round draft pick and another asset in exchange for Hopkins, but it seems their asking price has fallen flat. Now, teams are waiting for the price to come down in the wake of the Dallas Cowboys-Brandin Cooks trade, which was for a 5th and 6th round picks.

To try to facilitate a trade, the Cardinals have reportedly granted other teams permission to talk to Hopkins and his agents, according to Sports Illustrated reporter Albert Breer.

However, he notes that Hopkins’ age, recent suspension, injury history, and past issues with his previous teams have made him a more challenging trade than the Cardinals anticipated. Breer also suggests that one way the Cardinals could improve their trade value is by picking up part of Hopkins’ $19.45 million base salary for this year before trading him.

Meanwhile, according to a recent ESPN report, the New England Patriots, Cleveland Browns, and Baltimore Ravens are all considered to be most likely to add a receiver. This suggests that the Cardinals may face stiff competition if they hope to make a trade for Hopkins.

Overall, it seems that the Cardinals are facing some challenges in their efforts to trade DeAndre Hopkins. However, with the NFL draft just around the corner, they may still have options for adding talent to their receiving corps. Fans will be watching closely to see how the situation develops in the coming weeks.