Wait, WHAT: Caris LeVert Is Expected To Be Back THIS SEASON After Suffering Nauseating Foot Injury

caris levert


Brooklyn Nets guard Caris LeVert may have joined Gordon Hayward, Kevin Ware, and Paul George on the Mount Rushmore of “OH MY GOD” basketball injuries last night when he came down on his right leg after colliding with Jeff Teague with 3.7 seconds remaining in the first half.

The 24-year-old was stretchered off the court and taken to a hospital for further evaluation while his teammates openly weeped on the sideline.

If you haven’t seen the injury, it’s probably for the best.

But, if you’re like me and consistently give in to morbid fascination, here you go:

He’s got to be done for the season, right? Maybe more? I mean, Gordon Hayward was barely ready for this season and he shattered his ankle on the first game of last season

Welp, in a shocking and fortunate revelation, LeVert was diagnosed with a subtalar dislocation of his right foot and will not need surgery, the team announced Tuesday.

Not only will he not need surgery, he could be back to full strength THIS SEASON. Nets team orthopedist Dr. Martin O’Malley said in a statement:

“Fortunately, tests performed this morning revealed that there are no fractures and only moderate ligament damage. While the optics of this injury may have appeared to be more severe, surgery will not be required. Caris will begin a period of rehabilitation with the Nets’ performance staff, following which he is expected to return to full strength and resume all basketball activities without any limitations this season.”

It’s amazing how an injury this gruesome isn’t a death sentence on a season but tweaking your knee wrong and slightly tearing an ACL is an automatic killer.



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