Carli Lloyd On Criticizing USWNT ‘I Was The Only One Brave Enough To Say How It Is’

Carli LLoyd

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Carli Lloyd is speaking out once again on USWNT’s disastrous world cup.

Two weeks ago, Lloyd went viral when she ripped into the USWNT for dancing and celebrating on the field after a subpar performance that resulted in a tie.

The former US women’s soccer star said that she felt the women’s team lacked respect for staffers and had entitlement issues.

On Tuesday, Lloyd spoke with The Athletic and explained why it was important for her to criticize the USWNT in the way that she did.

“This wasn’t anything that was scripted,” Lloyd told The Athletic. “This was a reaction to what I was seeing, what I was feeling, what came from my heart. I poured my heart and soul into this team for 17 years. I came into (the USWNT) not understanding how hard you have to work and learned how hard from the players that had come before me who instilled that mentality and DNA within the team.

“So I think maybe I was the only one brave enough to say it how it is,” “I’ve always been somebody that is blunt, that’s honest, that maybe comes across to the media as being selfish, arrogant, all these words that I’ve heard about me. And that’s been pretty wild to hear because it’s really not true. I think there’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance, and I just saw this team go in a direction where the values that were built and instilled in this team is not what was displayed out at this World Cup.”

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