UFC’s Carlos Condit Shares Powerful Photo Of The Rigors Of Fighting After Getting Choked Out


Former UFC interim champion Carlos Condit may be closing the door to the octagon for good after an illustrious 16-year career. The 33-year-old lost a grueling match to Alex Oliveira at UFC on Fox 29 over the weekend, marking his fourth straight L, and dropping his record to 2-7 since 2012, MMA Junkie reports. The Albuquerque Bandit is 0-2 since he returned to fighting in December from a 16-month break.

In the second round of the fight, Olivera was able to secure Condit in a chokehold, causing him to slip in and out of consciousness before waking up to tap out against the Brazilian fighter.

After the match, Condit posted a powerful Instagram photo of himself sitting on the canvas, dazed and confused seemingly contemplating his future in the sport.


The caption reads:

Post choke out, where the fuck am I , WTF happened, feeling kinda warm and fuzzy , hope I didn’t just piss my shorts on live TV , thousand yard stare. I’ve posted plenty of pictures looking like a Badass. Triumphant and powerful… But here’s the flip side, crumpled and weak in defeat. Rough day at the office 😐

Fuck it though, I had fun. I trained my ass off and I came to fight. This is what leaving it all out there looked like on Saturday. Much respect to my opponent and his team. Thank you for taking the fight on short notice. Congratulations and best of luck in the future.

I don’t know what’s next guys… I still love this game, and most days I still feel that fire, I absolutely love what it do, but maybe my time has passed. I don’t know the answer. this is what I know, this is my passion. I will never stop training, and If that leads me back to the the octagon, you know I’ll try to make it bloody for ya.

Right now I’m looking forward to summer shenanigans with my sons and to expanding @hundredhandscoffee .

With over $2 million in career earnings and an impressive 30-12 MMA record, no one will call Carlos Condit weak from walking away from the sport.

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