The Carolina Panthers Get Crushed By Their Fans For Not Including Cam Newton In Their ‘GOAT’ Panthers Player Poll

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Cam Newton can’t get any respect from the Carolina Panthers organization.

Back in March, Newton got into it with the team when they insinuated that he asked for a trade.

Stop with the wordplay. I never asked for a trade, there is no dodging this one, I love the Panthers to death and will always love you guys, please do not try and play me or manipulate the narrative and act like I wanted this. You forced me into this

The Panthers went on to release Newton about a week later.

On Wednesday afternoon the Panthers asked fans who is the GOAT among Carolina players: Steve Smith, Julius Peppers, or Luke Kuechly.

Obviously fans noticed Newton, who was the team’s only MVP in franchise history and the only QB to take them to the Super Bowl, was not one of the options.

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