Carson Wentz Said He’d Give Jake Elliott His Entire Game Check If He Made 61-Yard Game-Winning Field Goal

Elsa/Getty Images

Eagles’ QB Carson Wentz has a history of being a generous chap. Last year, after signing a four-year $26.67 million contract with the Birds, Wentz went out with his buddies in his home state of North Dakota and picked up the entire $1,000 dinner tab. He then left the waitress with a fat $500 tip for good measure before driving off in his 1996 Chevy pickup truck like a boss.

So, when Wentz told sideline personnel that he’d give Eagles’ kicker Jake Eliott his entire game check if Eliott converted on a 61-yard game-winning field goal to beat the Giants on Sunday, he probably wasn’t lying. After all, the odds of Eliott making it were slim considering it was the longest field goal in franchise history and only 10 kickers in NFL history have made one from that deep.

“This guy’s a super hero if he makes this. I’ll freaking give him my pay check. I’ll give him my game check … I’ll give him my game check if he makes this.”

Welp, Elliott hit the field goal, and now Wentz is on the hook for $97,798.

He’s also on Venmo, Carson.

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[h/t For The Win]