Teams Are Reportedly Hanging Up The Phone On The Eagles For Requesting Two First-Round Picks In Carson Wentz Trade Talks

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The Philadelphia Eagles might be getting a little greedy as they shop Carson Wentz on the trade market.

On Saturday afternoon ESPN’s Adam Schefter revealed that the Eagles were poised to trade Wentz in the coming days and are looking for a big return in exchange for the QB.


The Philadelphia Eagles are expected to trade Carson Wentz in the coming days in what would be the latest blockbuster quarterback deal to rock the NFL, league sources tell ESPN.

The most pertinent questions now become where, when and for what. But it could happen as early as this week, per league sources, even as the Eagles continue to insist to other teams that they would be happy to bring Wentz back to Philadelphia.

The Eagles are said to be looking for, in the words of one well-placed source, “a Matthew Stafford package” in return for Wentz. The Lions traded Stafford to the Rams last weekend for a third-round pick this year, two future first-round picks and quarterback Jared Goff, the player selected directly in front of Wentz as the top two picks in the 2016 NFL draft.

According to NFL insider Greg Bedard the Eagles are looking to get two first-round picks in a trade for Wentz which has led to several teams hanging up the phone on them.

Fans immediately mocked the Eagles for asking for two-first rounders in trade talks for Wentz.