Bro Named Carter Andrews Is Living The Dream, And He’s Proof That Costa Rica Is The Fishing Mecca

Carter Andrews is a fishing captain based out of the Los Sueños Marina in Costa Rica, just down the road from Jacó, a Costa Rican town I’m guessing a few of you bros are familiar with. Carter, like myself, is legitimately addicted to fishing and he’s also the focus of the latest installment of ‘Yeti Presents’.

This mini-doc opens up with Carter talking about how the addiction to fishing is ‘in our blood’. I’ve always thought that phrase was bullshit, but when it comes to fishing he just might be right. He talks about the first time he went fishing down at the river near his house, and what it was like to hook into his very first fish. How that experience set him on a path in life that led him to Costa Rica, a true fishing mecca.

Coincidentally, I caught my first Blue Marlin while fishing out of that same marina (Los Sueños) where Carter Andrews is based. We went 3-for-3 that day on Blues, fishing aboard the Dream II, and it was probably the single best day on the water I’ve ever had. So, if you’re ever looking to catch a marlin, sailfish, or tuna and you can’t afford the Tropic Star Lodge in Panama, or you want to skip out on Casa Vieja Lodge in Guatemala, then you should DEFINITELY book a charter out of Los Sueños…Not that the latter is much cheaper, I just think Costa Rica is more accessible than the other two world famous fishing lodges.

Yeti has done a masterful job at tracking down some of the greatest living fishermen (and outdoorsmen) in the world for their Yeti Presents series. If you haven’t seen any of the previous episodes you should check these out:

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