Celtics’ Danny Ainge Takes Shot At LeBron James And Compares Him To Donald Trump For Declaring Himself The GOAT

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Last week, Lakers superstar LeBron James made headlines when he declared himself the greatest basketball player of all-time over Michael because his 2016 Cavs team came back from 3-1 deficit against the 73-9 Warriors.

That made me the greatest player of all-time. That’s what I felt. Everyone was like they were the greatest team ever assembled and for us to come back the way we came back in that fashion I was like you did something special. That was the only time in my career that I was like oh shit you did something special but that was the moment”

LeBron has been getting some pushback from several former players over his controversial GOAT comments.

Here’s Chauncey Billups on ESPN arguing as to why he doesn’t think LeBron is the GOAT.

Today, Boston Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge blasted LeBron and compared him to Donald Trump which will of course rub LeBron the wrong way considering how much he hates Trump.

It was probably not a good idea for Ainge to take a shot at LeBron considering he’s attempting to trade for Anthony Davis who is currently signed with LeBron’s agent/ best friend Rich Paul.

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