Celtics Owner Reportedly Erupted In Locker Room After Game 3 Loss To Stir Comeback

Celtics Owner Wyc Grousbeck

Getty Image / Boston Globe

It was quite the roller coaster of a season for the Boston Celtics, as it all began with drama surrounding former head coach Ime Udoka.

However, the team was able to secure the No. 2 seed of the NBA Playoffs. They had a good run, but ultimately were upset by the Miami Heat.

Boston nearly made a historic comeback after falling 0-3 in that series, as they somehow managed to force a Game 7.

But what sparked that turnaround? The Celtics were basically dead in the water and almost became the first team in league history to comeback and win a series after losing the first three games.

Well, according to The Athletic, Wyc Grousbeck, the Celtics owner, might just be the reason why the team nearly came back and won the series.

The Athletic reports that after the Game 3 loss, Grousbeck erupted on the team in the locker room. So much so, that he left everyone “stunned.” Here’s what sources had to say about the locker room eruption.

“His message [was] to the effect that he has been building this franchise for over 20 years and the players ‘need to play with some balls’ left the locker room stunned.”

Apparently that message was received. The Celtics went on to win three straight games before ultimately losing Game 7 to the Heat and it’s all thanks to the message delivered by the team owner.

This was a crucial turning point for this team. Grousbeck’s message prevented Boston from being swept, as he clearly lit a fire under everybody.

Now, the Celtics enter an incredibly important offseason after falling just one game short of the NBA Finals.

We’ll see how it plays out, but this franchise should be one to watch once the free agency window opens.