Chad Ochocinco Goes On Hilarious Rant About Spending Habits On ‘Club Shay Shay’ With Shannon Sharpe

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Chad Ochocinco has not played a down in the NFL for over a decade.

And yet he’s still one of the most recognizable names and faces around the game of football.

The six-time Pro Bowl wide receiver has used his charisma and his social media savvy to remain in the spotlight. But he’s also done so by managing his money well.

Ochocinco is notably frugal, at least publicly. And the only time he ever seems to really break the bank is when it comes to leaving tips at restaurants.

The former Cincinnati Bengals superstar sat down with Shannon Sharpe for a recent episode of “Club Shay Shay” and discussed why he handles money the way he does.

“Fly private? Sh…I ain’t flying private. Spirit. Put me on Spirit. Exit row. Window seat. That’s all I need,” he said to Sharpe about his habits. “As long as I get from point a to point b. I don’t need private.

“Athletes, more so, if you can get to a point in your career where your name becomes bigger than anything you can purchase, there’s your value,” he continued. “My name itself, Ochocinco at one point, even still to this day, is bigger than (anything). Why am I driving a Ferrari? Why am I driving a Rolls Royce and I’m Ocho?”

The superstar wide receiver went on to explain that athletes who spend large sums of money tend to assume they can always make more money, and that just leads to worse spending habits developing.

The full episode is nearly two hours long and touches on a number of topics centered around Ochocinco’s reputation for saving his money.

Fans loved what he had to say.

Though some may wonder how many flights Ochocinco has missed due to Spirit. Maybe at least spring for Frontier next time?