Charles Barkley Absolutely Disgusted His ‘Inside The NBA’ Co-Hosts And Viewers

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Charles Barkley has never been shy about being himself.

Barkley, in addition to being one of the NBA’s all-time greats, is also one of basketball’s biggest personalities.

Take, for instance, Barkley’s recent story about why he travels with his own personal bar of soap rather than using hotel soap.

Charley Barkley said to Ernie Johnson “You know I travel with my own soap? You knew that didn’t you?” Adding “I travel with a big bar of soap. I love soap.”

Ernie Johnson asked him what Chuck was afraid of with hotel soap. Charles responded “These hotels started being cheap. Those bars ain’t big enough. Because I almost had a couple of accidents with the soap in hotels.”

Johnson prodded Barkley for more details. Charles went on to say “Well, when I was washing a part of my body, I almost had a little incident. I almost had a little incident with those little bars of soap.”

Johnson asked Charles Barkley to explain almost losing the soap. Chuck said “I almost lost it and I was like, ‘WHOA, that was too close for comfort.’ So now I travel with my own big bars of soap.”

Clearly Barkley is a man that cares about his hygiene, right? Or at least that’s what his travel soap practices would lead you to believe.

But not so fast!

On Tuesday night’s episode of ‘Inside The NBA’, Barkley disgusted his co-hosts as well as viewers across the country when he licked his phone and rubbed it on his pants in order to clean the screen.

The moment immediately went viral on social media. Barkley tried to defend his actions, but fans weren’t having it.

Barkley recently re-signed with TNT in a deal reportedly worth over $100 million. He can probably afford those little phone-cleaning wipes.