Charles Barkley Reacts To Montrezl Harrell Calling Luka Doncic A ‘B-tch Ass White Boy’ During Game ‘You Don’t Get To Have A Double Standard’

Charles Barkley and Inside The NBA crew have reacted to the Montrezl Harrell-Luka Doncic situation.

During game 3 of the Clippers-Mavericks series on Friday, Harrell called Doncic a “bitch ass white boy” during the game.

On Sunday, Harrell apologized to Luka directly before today’s game 4 for making the comment.

The Harrell-Luka situation became a topic during Sunday night’s Inside The NBA which featured Charles Barkley arguing with his crewmates Shaquille O’Neal and Kenny Smith about why Harrell was wrong.

Charles Barkley: Listen he was wrong and he apologized…If he (white guy) would have said that to a black guy, you don’t get to have a double standard, Montrezl Harrell was wrong. He shouldn’t have sait it.

Shaq: There is no if…only sensitive people think that

Charles Barkley: If a white guy would have said that.

Shaq: But there ain’t no if.

Charles Barkley: There is an if, the reason he apologized is because he shouldn’t have said it.

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