Charles Barkley Got A Contact High From ‘Nirvana’ When He Was Hosting ‘SNL’ In 1993

by 2 years ago

Back in 1993, Charles Barkley famously hosted an episode of Saturday Night Live in 1993 that featured a legendary guest appearance from the band Nirvana.

On Friday, Barkley talked to Dan Patrick about his “SNL” hosting gig and recounted a funny story about getting a contact high from Nirvana, who were smoking a shit ton of weed in their dressing room.

I had people coming in and out, my friends, so I kept my dressing room open. Every time those guys from Nirvana opened their door I got like a contact high. It was like one of those big mushroom clouds came. Like I was scared to go to the airport because I didn’t want to … do not go to the airport.

H/T The Big Lead

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