Charles Barkley Blasts Paul George For ‘Complaining’ About Being In A ‘Dark Place’ While Playing Basketball For Millions Of Dollars

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Charles Barkley has some thoughts on Paul George for opening up about being in a “dark place mentally” while inside the NBA bubble.

Following the Clippers’ win against the Dallas Mavericks in Game 5 on Tuesday, George was candid with the media about his mental health struggles while being isolated inside the bubble.

On Wednesday morning, Barkley went on the Dan Patrick show and blasted George for complaining about being in a “dark place mentally” during a pandemic while playing basketball for millions of dollars.

Dan Patrick: “Paul George said he was in a ‘dark place’ and was battling depression in the Bubble there.”

Charles Barkley: “Yea, I’m not sure what that was about. I have already talked to a couple players and they were complaining about the food, and other things like that. People who are living in the pandemic who have lost their jobs, you have two hurricanes that are barreling down on Houston…I don’t think guys making millions of dollars should be worried just because they’re stuck in a place where they can go fishing, play golf, and play basketball to make millions of dollars. That’s not a ‘dark place.’ The thing that just happened in Wisconsin, the thing that is happening with this pandemic, all those people losing their jobs – THOSE people are in a dark place. We are the luckiest people in the world to dribble a stupid basketball to make millions of dollars, we’re never in a dark place. I think we need to be careful what we complain about. Those people who are about to get hit with those two hurricanes in the middle of a pandemic – that’s awful, and my thoughts are to those people.”

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