Charles Barkley Hilariously Reignited His Feud With The ‘Big-Ass Women’ Of San Antonio

charles barkley san antonio women

YouTube // TNT

Charles Barkley is not a man who is afraid to speak his mind and takes great pleasure in rustling as many jimmies as he can, whether he’s threatening to punch Draymond Green in the face or stirring up trouble at a Katy Perry concert.

Chuck’s total lack of a filter has provided us with endless entertainment over the years, and while it’s tough to pick a favorite moment, there’s one thing in particular that stands out: his feud with the women of San Antonio.

Back in 2014, the Inside the NBA crew was discussing the results of a Spurs game and Barkley decided to take the opportunity to throw some shade at the “big ol’ women” with a penchant for churros who reside in the city.

It’s safe to say the female denizens of San Antonio weren’t exactly pleased with Barkley, who’s been dissing them on a semi-regular basis since the start of the decade.

Barkley initially refused to apologize for his comments after they caused a bit of an uproar but he’d ultimately acquiesce a couple of years ago.

However, it appears he just can’t help himself from taking aim at San Antonio.

On Sunday, Barkley decided to follow in the footsteps of The Gang on It’s Always Sunny and reignite the rivalry by firing some shots at the “big-ass women” of the city while commenting on an acrobatic routine during yesterday’s game between the Rockets and the Jazz.

I’m sure people will end up calling this Problematic (if they haven’t already) but I for one hope Chuck never changes.

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