Charles Woodson Says Tono Romo’s Emotional Passing Of The Torch Speech Was ‘Selfish’ And ‘Dramatic’

Fourth round draft pick Dak Prescott is having a record setting year for the Dallas Cowboys. The Mississippi State product has lead the Cowboys atop the NFC East with an 8-1 record after passing for 2,339 yards with 14 touchdowns and just two interceptions. In week 6, Prescott with 176 attempts broke the record for most consecutive pass attempts without an interception to start a career; a record previously held by Tom Brady at 162 attempts in 2000-2001.

Prescott’s success had spawned an awkward pickle now that Tony Romo is healthy and has helmed the shit for more than a decade. It was the huge elephant in the room and speaking to the media on Monday, Romo graciously addressed the situation in a handwritten speech where he admitted that it is indeed Dak Prescott’s time.

“Football is a meritocracy, you aren’t handed anything. You earn everything, every single day, over and over again, you have to prove it,” said Romo. “That’s the way that the NFL, that’s the way that football works. A great example of this is Dak Prescott, and what he’s done. He’s earned the right to be our quarterback. As hard as that is for me to say, he’s earned that right.”

Romo’s speech, in which he admitted this season was probably “the darkest it’s ever been,” was widely praised across the NFL. Charles Woodson, however, was not impressed with the contrived speech, calling it “selfish” and “overdramatic.”

“I think part of it is unselfish, but I think, actually, part of it is selfish. Because, I don’t think this was a speech that needed to be made. I don’t think it needed to be a prepared speech. When I saw that speech, I thought about myself December 22nd last year when I called the media in and told them I was retiring. That’s what it sounded like to me.”

Woodson is stretching for a take here. In any profession, especially a public one, it’s gotta be a tough pill to swallow as a 36-year-old man to hand your job over to a 23-year-old. I can’t imagine Romo hasn’t suppressed the urge to suffocate Prescott with a pillow while he’s sleeping. In my opinion, he handled the passing of the torch with as much class as one can. Ryan Fitzpatrick would have cried about managerial decisions and then thrown 4 interceptions.

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