Do These 4 Chest Exercises To Keep Your Pecs From Looking Like Deflated Tires

Don’t think for a minute that women fail to notice if we have a nice chest, just as we do the same to them. We love seeing a big set of luscious tits and they want to notice a broad and strong-looking pair of pecs on us.

So why disappoint those lovely ladies?

Getting your chest up to standards is not a difficult task and because it is a muscle that can handle a heavy load, feel free to beat the shit out of it at least once – or at the most, twice – a week.

There are four basic movements that are done for chest and within them, there are a bunch of different options to choose from. Use all at your disposal and the run the gamut on the variety.


One of the first exercises we all did in the gym and it still stands up. You can do them with a barbell, dumbbells, Smith, Hammer Strength or weight machine. Great for your overall chest development.



Some people like to do these first but it’s all personal preference. The same options are available as for the flat presses with incline and you can even adjust that, if you wish. Work on those all-important upper pectoral muscles with these exercises and leave those striations visible while you’re wearing a tank top. Many people struggle with the center line of where you should keep the bar while bringing it down so keep it simple and try to concentrate on the middle between your chin and lower chest.



Although this is an exercise where you can throw up some heavier weight because the range of motion is shorter than the other pressing movements, make sure that you still keep the form proper. Again, you can do the same variety as the flat and incline presses but also some other movements like dumbbell chest pullovers, which also work your ribcage. The lower chest is one of the more difficult parts of your body to train as far as how long it takes to see results. Don’t get frustrated and stick with it.



These are great as a finisher and give you a nice wide stretch after those presses. Do them on a flat or incline bench and then try out the different fly machines available. Don’t forget about the different pec dec machines that work the center line of your chest really well.

Regardless of what exercises you choose to do, a good way to go is to do three sets of 12-to-15 reps for each for a total of 12 for the body part. Implement drop down sets by stripping the bar of the outside plate and then do another full set. You can do these whenever you like and that will another three or so sets to make it 15.

The chest is a muscle that can certainly handle more than one workout per week but if you choose to hit it twice, space it out with at least 48 hours in between repeating it.