Chicago Fan Caught On Hot Mic Cracking Hilarious Joke About How Bad The Bears Are (Video)

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The Chicago Bears have won two of their last 10 games and one of those wins came against the Lions. They are not good and their head coach, Matt Nagy, is on the hottest seat in the NFL.

During Monday night’s game against the Vikings, things did not go any better. After falling behind 17-3 for the entirety of the fourth quarter, quarterback Justin Fields threw a sympathy touchdown as the clock expired to make it an eight-point loss.

Regardless of what the scoreboard said, Chicago nearly doubled Minnesota’s offensive production, but had nine penalties for 91 yards, three turnovers and lost. It was not a good showing for Nagy, who has very little chance to save his job.

Throughout the game, the 43-year-old fourth-year coach made several fourth-down decisions that ended in failure to convert.

Late in the third quarter, Nagy took umbrage with a call inside the red zone. He had been in the officials’ ears all night and was upset with a spot that could determine whether he was to go for it on fourth down or not.

In turn, Nagy pulled out the challenge flag and made his frustration very clear on the sideline.

Meanwhile, on the broadcast, ESPN caught one of the greatest hot mic moments of all-time. A fan in the stands, with a slight midwest accent, chirped his own team with an incredible line.

“After further review, we suck!”

The audio could not have been picked up any more clearly and a smattering of laughter followed the incredible one-liner.

Times are tough in Chicago, but at least the Bears fans are able to laugh at their own expense. Incredible.