Chicago Bears Have Interesting Focus For Justin Fields This Offseason

Chicago Bears QB Justin Fields

Getty Image / Michael Reaves

The pressure is on Justin Fields as he heads into his 3rd season as the starting quarterback for the Chicago Bears.

The Bears had the opportunity to move on at the position this offseason, but opted to trade away the 1st overall pick instead.

Fans will be expecting big things from Fields in his 3rd season under center, especially after the team made the decision to build around him instead of bringing in Bryce Young.

However, it looks like the team wants Fields to do less of what he has done best heading into year 3.

Bears offensive coordinator Luke Getsy revealed that the team wants Fields to use his legs less this coming season.

“But the decision-making, we’re working on every day. Timing and rhythm, we’re working on every day. And lastly, the situation you’re in. Putting that all together, you’re just increasing the football IQ so you know better when to take those opportunities and when not to.”

The Chicago Bears have definitely set Fields up to run less this season than in years past. They brought in DJ Moore, who is the best receiver Fields has had in the NFL. He’ll join Darnell Mooney and Chase Claypool to form a solid receiver group for the Bears.

However, as much as the Bears may want Fields to be more selective with his runs, he may still be forced to take off with the ball often.

The Bears are returning 3 of 5 members of their offensive line that allowed the league’s 4th most sacks last season and filled another spot with a rookie.

The Chicago Bears are also still just not a very good football team right now.

They are probably going to fall behind quite often this season and will need Fields to get them points any way he can.

That is going to include using his most dangerous weapon.

It will just remain to be seen how much Justin Fields uses his legs for the Chicago Bears during the 2023 season.