Chicago Brewery Rips ‘Armchair Kickers’ Criticizing Cody Parkey, Offers Free Beer For A Year To Anyone Who Can Hit 43-Yard FG

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The NFL officially ruled Cody Parkey’s 43-yard missed field goal a block after footage revealed that Eagles’ defensive tackle Treyvon Hester tipped it at the line of scrimmage. Would Parkey’s kick sailed through the uprights if Hester hadn’t gotten a fingertip on it? No one can say. And there is not enough evidence to admonish the 26-year-old kicker from Scapegoat status. Every crushing loss needs a simplified explanation for healing purposes and the despair of the city of Chicago will rest on the right foot of Cody Parkey for the foreseeable future. Tough break.

One Chicago institution isn’t willing to join the rest of the city in piling it on Parkey.

Goose Island Brewery, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, tweeted its support of the Bears kicker to its 80,000 followers by calling out the “armchair kickers” who are so quick to criticize Parkey. Goose Island took it even further by offering Chicagoans the opportunity to get drunk on their dime for free for a year if they can drill a field goal of equal length.

Check out the tweets below.

*Rips JUUL* “You gotta problem with my pen bro?”

P.S. The problem with this logic is that the armchair kickers didn’t sign a 4-year, $15 million contract to make field goals. But I enjoy Goose Island beer so I’ll let it slide.

*Googles ‘How to kick a ball far in 24 hours’

Fuck the glory, give me the beer.

Pics or it’s not happening.

I fuck wit Goose Island beer. Anyone wanna pick me up in New York, drive me to Chicago, and watch me fail and disappoint my father? I’ll make a playlist and smoke cigs with the windows up. DM me.



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