This Chicago Blackhawks Hand-Drawn Stanley Cup Champs Flipbook Might Just Make You A Hockey Fan

I’m not even going to beat around the bush on this one, guys—I’m not much of a hockey fan.

I know, as shocking as that might sound—are you picking up my sarcasm here?—a guy who can legitimately name every, current starting quarterback for each NFL team and ramble off ridiculous stats about a number of other sports has never come around to the fastest sport on the planet.

That’s not to say I’m not open to it, though. I mean, after seeing some of the tail that hockey players pull in, I might just head to the gym for an extreme makeover, pack on some bulk, learn how to skate and see if I can’t convince a hockey team to give me a realistic tryout. The way I see it, if Happy Gilmore can attempt to make it in the minors a handful of times, why can’t I?

In addition to the girls that some of these NHL players have as arm candy, there are a few who have been known to seriously throw down and party hard.

No, these guys aren’t as well-known as Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots in football, but, if they show up at your party, you and your buddies would pose for pics and blast them all over social media.

Regardless of my personal opinion of the sport of hockey, though, one thing that I can appreciate are those who follow and love the game like many of us do with other sports, devoting time to getting that whole TV package so not to miss any action or, believe it or not, actually buying season tickets.

Want to know what else is pretty damn cool? How about this Chicago Blackhawks flipbook that was just posted on theflippist‘s YouTube channel, which is a hand-drawn documentary of the Hawks’ most recent title last month.

The artist actually admits that, like me, he or she isn’t much of a hockey fan. But, living in Chicago, it was almost necessary to jump on the celebration bandwagon and do something to honor the team’s third title in the past six years.

Awesomely displaying what it must have been like for fans in the Windy City to see the Hawks hoist Lord Stanley’s Cup live, this thing is totally rad, bringing to life the entire experience and allowing some artist to put their drawing skills to good use—which deserves a drunken visit from Patty Kane as a reward.

Sure, this might not make any of us more of a hockey fan long-term, but, at least for today, one can’t help but have hockey fever—even if the season’s already over and it’s fucking 95 degrees outside right now.

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