Chicks Proves She’s Not Just A Pink Hat Sports Fan By Cleverly Owning Dude Who Tries To Call Her Bluff On Tinder

Full Disclosure: Generally speaking, nothing chaps my ass like a girl who needs you to know that she’s a sports fan. The tired, try hard “hey I’m a guy’s girl!” routine is almost as big of a red flag as “I just get along with guys better than girls.” No. NO. NO! As Chris Rock so eloquently said, “You know what a platonic friend is to a woman? It’s like a dick in a glass case. In case of emergency , break open glass!”

I’ve seen droves of Tinder bios that lead with “Die hard Patriots fan,” presumably attempting to incite the response “This chick can hang!” But realistically, they probably didn’t tear up after the David Tyree catch in Super Bowl XLII like I did. They probably haven’t overdrafted their bank accounts by sinking a small fortune into betting on games. And they likely wouldn’t donate a kidney to Tom Brady if he asked politely. Their pink hat fandom gimmick may work on other suckers, but not I! NOT I!

With that said, when a chick puts her money wear her mouth is and talks the talk, the game changes. This certainly is the case with Megan Brown, a 28-year-old baseball fan whose been blogging about the sport for years. She used her knowledge to put this dude who called her fandom out to bed.

The tweet has since gone viral, amassing 4,000 retweets and nearly 10,000 favorites overnight. In a letter to Uproxx, Brown gave us a little insight on what its like to be a real sports fan when so many girls seem to pick their teams based on the jawline of the quarterback.

When meeting or dating guys it’s common for them to attempt to quiz women to test if they “really” are sports fans. This guy was someone I met off of a dating app, we had started texting & he asked me that question. It seemed pretty condescending plus it was something SO basic it was kind of insulting. Instead of responding with the teams (first instinct) or ignoring, I decided to have a little fun. I love baseball & I love puns, so at the very least I knew I would make myself laugh. He STILL hasn’t responded. That said I don’t know if I would either at this point.

Touche, Megan. I’ll go sit in the corner now.

[h/t Uproxx]

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